LGBT Medicine in Naples, FL

You deserve someone who has fought for equality in medicine.

At YOUnique Health & Wellness we strongly believe that State of the Art Medical Care should be afforded to every person regardless of Sex, Gender Orientation, or Sexual Orientation. We are proud to bring an Affirming LGBT medicine practice model to Naples, FL and the Southwest Florida area.

YOUnique Health & Wellness is committed to advocating for the health and well-being of LGBT people, preserving the progress made by the Affordable Care Act, and promoting cultural competency training of health professionals.

You deserve someone who you can trust with your health and someone who has fought for equality in medicine.

Our provider takes the time to get to know the patient and their individual needs. YOUnique offers Primary Care, Trans Medicine, Family Care, Addiction Services, Medical Cannabis, Smoking Cessation, Obesity and Routine Health.

Your appointments are completely confidential, secure and discrete. The office is comfortable and unlike traditional provider offices.

Finally, a provider fighting for your LGBT family’s needs.


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