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AIM Services

At Advanced Individualized Medicine, our #1 priority is to help you safely stop consuming alcohol and drugs. Outpatient detoxification lets you get the care you need without putting your life and business completely on hold.

Our physicians are certified by the State of Florida and hold specialized licensure status. Our services are offered in our set of private, discrete offices.

As a patient, you will undergo a thorough medical and clinical evaluation to determine if you can safely benefit from an outpatient detox protocol.

Many forms of medications may be deemed appropriate and effective in detox depending on the substances used.

We are certified to perform “Induction Therapy” that allows safe withdrawal from Opiods in an outpatient setting lasting approximately 4 hours.

We provide ongoing support and assistance using appropriate medicines to mitigate both short term withdrawal symptoms, and others that assist in reducing the cravings to drink or use in the long term.

All forms of payment are accepted.
Whenever possible we will work with your insurance company.

You have our word, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

-Dr. Potter

Amendment 2 was signed into law in November 2016. The amendment provides for the use of medical marijuana under the supervision of specially licensed physicians. If you believe you qualify for medical marijuana, please feel free to contact our office. Dr. Potter has seen first-hand what a different this treatment can make in the lives of many of his patients and their families.

Your commitment to long term health includes you feeling your very best and we believe that includes looking your best!You will appreciate our private consults for aesthetic skin care with a licensed Esthetician who offers a variety of services, from traditional facials to the latest treatments in microdermabrasion and chemical peels. In addition our physicians offer both filler and Botox injections all done privately within our office.

At AIM Naples our priority is treating you as the unique individual you’re becoming every day.

We don’t treat you as a “diagnosis” or “lab test”

Our approach is a paradigm shift in medical care that we believe is long overdue.

We practice in a modern, quiet environment of care that allows extended time for our physicians to evaluate, teach, discuss options and set realistic goals to improve the quality and quantity of your life.

We build an individual approach to achieve this end.

At AIM, we strongly believe that State of the Art Medical Care should be afforded to every person regardless of Sex, Gender Orientation, or Sexual Orientation.

We are excited to bring an Affirming LGBT practice model to the SW Fla and Naples area.

Dr. Potter is finally back home in Florida after 25 years in San Francisco. He is a veteran of LGBT medicine and a long-standing member of GLMA (Gay and Lesbian Medical Association).

You deserve someone who you can trust with your health and someone who has fought for equality in medicine.

Completely confidential, secure, discrete environment.

Primary Care, Trans Medicine, Family Care, Smoking Cessation, Obesity, Routine Health and Walk-In Urgent Care are available.

Multiple payment plans accepted. When appropriate, we will utilize your insurance.

Finally a Dr. Fighting for your families needs.

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