Concierge Medicine

We recognize every patient is unique and so are their healthcare needs. We listen to our patients, build a relationship and help develop long-term healthcare plans.

We don’t treat you as a “diagnosis” or “lab test.” Our approach is a paradigm shift in medical care that we believe is long overdue.

We practice in a modern, comfortable environment that allows extended time for our physicians to evaluate, teach, discuss options and set realistic goals to improve the quality of your life.

We take a holistic approach and look at all possible treatments that meet your individual needs.

At AIM, we are here to help no matter your age or healthcare needs. Whether you are looking for a primary care physician or help in addressing a specific healthcare need, AIM will work with you to determine your best options. In addition to primary care, we provide addiction treatment services, hormone replacement therapy, medical marijuana prescriptions, cosmetic treatments and LGBT care.

Dr. Clint Potter

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